The gap between Chinese flag factory and international flag Technology
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The gap between Chinese flag factory and international flag Technology

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According to years of investigation, the flag customization factory has done a lot of work in developing the flag industry, but from the current situation, there is still a long way to go with the international flag technology, mainly including the following points:

1. The fabric of the flag is close to the internationally popular specifications and varieties. After finishing, silk like and wool like fabrics are added, and they are divided into high-grade and medium-grade levels and distinguish indoor and outdoor characteristics. The nylon oxford banner popular in Europe and the United States is worthy of research and development. It has the advantages of flat appearance and good hanging weight. At the same time, it uses acid dye technology and has bright color. It is the best fabric for indoor flags. Therefore, the current situation of flag making and custom-made factory fabrics in China must be changed.

2. Completely change the coating process of flag printing, vigorously promote the dye process, and comprehensively improve the internal and external quality of flag customization. At the same time, innovate the plate making method, adopt the desktop computer system to make the outline, lines and points of text and graphics more artistic and standardized, and apply the screen photography plate making technology to make the reproduction of the original vivid. This reform is relatively difficult, but it can be achieved through efforts.

3. Some special machines should be used in the sewing process, such as a variety of sewing machines, seam stitching machines, selvage machines, etc., so that the flatness, firmness and appearance of customized flag products can be improved by breakthroughs, and corresponding adjustments should be made in the process requirements and management to eliminate rough manufacturing.

4. The accessories of the flag should be diversified and matched. The users of the flag can buy all the accessories at one time and have selectivity. Of course, these accessories should pay attention to artistry, practicality, appropriate price and convenient use.


  • Company name: Jinteng flag Co.,ltd.

  • Company type: Manufacturer

  • Location: China,Zhejiang

  • The scale of company: 100 - 499 People

  • Registered capital: 5000000.00ten thousandDollar

  • Year of Registered: 1989

  • Business scope:   Indoor flags/Outdoor flags/Desktop flags/Handy flags Car/window flags/Animal flags/Ad flags/Chain flags/Gift flags, etc.

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